Martavius Parrish

Performer. Director. Teacher.




Virginia-born and Georgia-raised by two phenomenal school teachers, I grew up with a deep enthusiasm and appreciation for academics. My father was a singer and I began singing at a young age, but pursuit of the Arts as a profession wasn't originally the plan.

I began playing alto sax in middle school and combined the technical skills I was learning in marching and jazz band with ear training in church. I didn't discover musical theatre until high school, making my theatrical debut in (ironically) High School Musical. Turns out I thoroughly enjoyed dancing on cafeteria tables! I continued with my high school's drama program and attended the Georgia Governor's Honors Program as a Theatre major (where I discovered an affinity for dance).


After high school, I decided to attend Duke University where I majored in Neuroscience with the intention to become a doctor. I enjoyed the Arts, but Science and Academia had always been my strong suit, so becoming a doctor seemed like a natural progression at the time. During my time at Duke, I became increasingly involved with several aspects of the theatre, including performance, producing, stage managing, pit crew, tech crew and front of house. It wasn't until my junior year of undergrad (after an astounding production of Ragtime that coincided with the Trayvon Martin incident) that I officially decided to leave the life of medicine and pursue what had become an important opportunity to mold the hearts of the masses.


I finished my academic studies at Duke and started my official journey as a performer at New York University's Steinhardt, studying Vocal Performance with a concentration in Musical Theatre. Immediately after graduation, I landed my first professional show at Ogunquit Playhouse and have been working consistently in the arts since then.

If there's a common thread that unites my journey so far, it's versatility. I find myself in an artistic period of growth where I strive to not only be an actor, but a director, a writer, a teaching artist and (above all) a collaborator. The journey has been nourishing and gratifying so far and I look forward to seeing where it takes me! 




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